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How important is Responsive Design?

You’ve almost certainly heard people talk about “Responsive Web Design.” If you haven’t already updated your website design to follow the trend, this article is for you! For some time now, “Responsive Design” has been the topic of a number of conversations on the web. But what exactly is it? Is it essential? What are the benefits? How can I make my site responsive? Alright. It’s time for  you to learn a little more about “responsive web design.” We could also call it “ reactive web design,” but you have to admit, that’s not quite as catchy.  So let’s talk about Responsive Web Design.

The Concept

It’s pretty simple. All it means is a website design that adapts to the screen of every device.  So whether your website visitors are on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, they benefit from a pleasant, user-friendly experience.  Your website’s images and content display correctly. Content is resized depending on your user’s device.

“Responsive Web Design” aims to enhance the user experience. And at this stage of the game, you’d be missing out if you didn’t use this feature to launch or strengthen your business’s presence on the Internet.

These days, the use of smartphones is permeating every moment of our existence. A  responsive website has become a must-have if you want to make your mark amidst the vast digital world.

What is this Mobile-First thing everybody’s talking about?

In April of 2018, Google announced that website ranking would now start to consider design. And not just any design! Mobile-first indexing gives preference to responsive design, but that’s not the only factor.  It is also important to have fast loading time. And why is that? It’s all meant to improve the user experience.  More and more people are using smartphones to conduct their Internet searches. It’s more practical this way and it’s accessible from anywhere.  How about your site? Is it accessible from anywhere? It’s important to ask yourself this question.  So, consider the 3 essential elements for an optimized site:

  1. Navigation
  2. Important information at the forefront
  3. Readability

Once you’ve met these 3 criteria, you can move on to the next step.

You’ve guessed it! You need a responsive design website !

The fixed website made up of several columns is no longer in vogue. The main problem with this type of traditional site is that once it’s displayed on a smartphone, the user is obliged to scroll through the content horizontally if they want to get anywhere.  And certain elements are even hidden sometimes.  And don’t get us started about loading time… Responsive Web Design automatically adjusts all the content to make it readable on any kind of screen.  Responsive Web Design makes your content more dynamic and appealing. It’s possible that just about everything depends on your website design.

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