“My website just had its fifth birthday! What can I do to bring it back in style?”

« Mon site web vient de fêter ses cinq ans… Comment je fais pour le remettre au goût du jour ? »

Before you had the chance to notice, it’s possible your website has developed sunken skin and crow’s feet. And if your website is looking old, your company’s image could suffer. But without going for a full-blown makeover, here are a few tips that can help catch your website up with the times and give it a new lease on life.

1. Replace Your Old Photos

There’s nothing like switching out your photos to give your website a fast facelift.  Are some of your website photos looking a little “dated?” Have your clients begun to tire of your homepage photos? In any case, if you’re hoping to rejuvenate your website, sorting through your photos is a good start.

Handy Tips

What is the « redesign » of a site?
Surgically speaking, redoing a site can compare to a facelift, meaning a rather labour intensive operation designed to make in-depth changes, complete with a brand new look, new features and more.  Since a complete facelift is expensive, sometimes it’s better to opt for just a few Botox injections . For example, you can refresh your website design, ensuring it is smartphone compatible and displays beautifully on mobile phones and touch tablets.

2. Update Your Website Design

Over the years, perhaps the ergonomics of your site have lost clarity? Maybe it’s not as easy to find your way around anymore? And to find what we came here to look for? Is your layout always tailored to your customers? Are your products and services still as well presented? All these details, when added together, are important and will optimize (or, on the contrary, degrade) the user experience, that is, the comfort of the Internet users who will surf on your pages. If the ergonomics or design of your site do not support the comparison with what is done elsewhere in terms of websites, then it’s probably time to invest in a good grooming!

Handy Tips

If your budget doesn’t allow for a complete makeover, focus your efforts on your homepage.  After all, it’s the first place Internet users will look.  So if you want to make a good first impression (at minimal cost), you should renovate your website’s homepage first.

3. Ask Other People What They Think of Your Website

You know your website by heart.  The problem is, since you see it every day (or almost), you will inevitably miss something that might be off.  To help you identify the aspects of your website that most need revamping, ask your loved ones what they think.  To promote engagement, you could even consult your customers about what changes they’d recommend.

4. Adapt to the Latest Rules of the Game

If there’s one thing that changes really fast, it’s Google’s algorithm.  So while your SEO strategy and keyword choices might have been relevant a few years ago, there’s a significant chance that this won’t be the case today. For example, did you know that it is no longer necessary to repeat your keywords at the beginning of every sentence?  If you continue to do this, you may even cause problems for your SEO. Instead you should be trying to write for your readers and not just for Google. Your texts therefore need to sound natural and be pleasant to read.  Otherwise, the Internet user’s customer experience will deteriorate… And your rebound rate, the percentage of visitors who leave your site after only checking out one page, will skyrocket.

Handy Tips

Think « mobile »
The habits of Internet users are evolving. For example, more and more people are connecting from their tablets and smartphones.  That’s why it’s essential to adjust your site so that it adapts to all sizes of screens.

Key Points to Remember:

  • After a few years, it’s normal that a website starts to show a few signs of aging.
  • To revamp your site, it’s possible to make do with a few little touch-ups, kind of like collagen injections. But in some cases, a full overhaul, or facelift is necessary.
  • If you need to choose to focus your efforts on a single page, opt for your homepage.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of a third party. They will be objective and will help you rediscover your website with fresh eyes. Of course, professional help can be a solid investment if you’re ready to score extra high on your website and by extension, for your company.

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