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How does CSR work for SMBs?

Do you think that CSR doesn’t concern you because your company is too small? Do you figure that CSR has nothing to offer you and your business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re mistaken.  In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about CSR and its benefits

First of all, what is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility, also called Corporate Citizenship, simply refers to a company’s efforts to implement sustainable development practices.

Its aims are based on 3 main pillars: to have a positive impact on society; to respect the environment; and to build one’s businesses according to an economically viable model.  A company that practises CSR has the goal to maintain a balance between these 3 core values.

This concept was born in the 1960’s with the aim to offer better conditions to employees. It has definitely evolved over the years, but it remains a little known initiative amongst VSBs and SMBs.

The law requires companies with more than 500 employees to implement a CSR strategy. It is therefore not obligatory for smaller enterprises.  But that doesn’t mean that you should just disregard the concept if you have fewer than 500 employees.  CSR offers several positive effects for both employees and the rest of the population.

Why should I get involved with CSR?

Learning about CSR is not the same as adopting it. So we decided to go a little deeper and give you 4 good reasons for implementing a CSR strategy, even if your business is small.

It is synonymous with growth, economic performance and standing out from the competition.

CSR offers a number of advantages, even for a small business. It does more than benefit your company’s image and reputation. CSR is great for boosting your performance and setting you apart from your competitors, thereby enhancing your growth. This approach provides you with an excellent way to capture new markets. It lets you seduce your prospects, while giving you the opportunity to improve loyalty amongst customers, employees and suppliers. After all, one of the goals of CSR lies in improving your company’s social practices.

CSR affects everyone

The goal of CSR is to make your contribution to the greater whole. These days there are so many SME’s out there. If each one adopts a more responsible attitude, these small steps will lead to more positive results.  Regardless of their size, each company can make a difference through simple everyday actions.

The Current Environmental Emergency

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware of the current environmental emergency. Respecting the planet is everybody’s business.  We can all help in our own way, no matter how small our actions CSR provides a great way to start. Every action counts in today’s situation.  (What will you do with your privilege and your plastic?) The decision to launch a CSR strategy means deciding to measure and control your business’s environmental impact. And doing this will save you money! Though this may sound too good to be true, in fact, it’s so easy! Simply turning the lights off when no one’s around will lower your electricity costs.

It has never been so easy for companies to implement a CSR strategy.

Specially designed for VSBs and SMBs, the Ministry of Labour has put forth a guide that offers an accessible road map to CSR, explained in a simple and fun way. It contains examples of concrete actions you can take to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

There are also many other free tools you can use to evaluate your company’s current CSR situation and monitor the actions you’d like to take in the future. Often your first solutions only require very simple actions. What are you waiting for?

Good to know

Your digital strategy can also comply with CSR. To make this happen, your company’s partners and stakeholders play an essential role.  Linkeo is here to handle your digital communication strategy in a way that complies with CSR.

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