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Are You Choosing the Wrong Keywords for Your Contracting Website?


It can be tricky to catch the eye of the search engine bot algorithm so that your business ranks high enough to reach your target audience. Contracting and construction keywords play a vital role in teaching the platform a) who needs to see your trade’s brand and content and b) how worthy you are of bumping the line.

While there’s no perfect formula, over the years, we’ve nailed down some tried and true strategies for choosing the right construction keywords and keyphrases for your contracting website.

Speak the Language of Your Client

Keywords work by matching your repeated summary terms with what your client base is typing into their search engine. If they’re searching for “best roof shingler” over “best roofing contractor,” you know which phrase you want to pick.

Contractors who mainly work with the general public will want to remove hyper-technical terms from their content, both for comprehension and SEO purposes. If you’re a contractor who does most of your projects with other trade specialists, it’s okay to use common, familiar language from their lexicon, even if it’s more technical and specific.

Narrow It Down

Focusing on a few construction keywords and keyphrases is best. It will ensure that content remains organic and fluid while teaching your website-crawling bots to be precise. Much like fewer but pointed hashtags are preferred for social media platforms (rather than many vague ones), less can be more for keywords for contracting websites, as long as these few phrases are clear and on topic.

It’s ideal to have a few contractor or construction keywords and phrases for each website page. Some pages will require more specific identities than others. For example, the homepage’s phrase can have a very general identifier such as “Ontario roofers,” while services pages like eavestrough cleaning should be more like “best eavestrough cleaners near me.”

More specific modifiers that separate you from the rest, in relation to customer search enquiries, could be terms like “24-hour,” “fast,” “organic,” and “urgent” to frame your service or product. Something like “urgent overnight Ottawa plumber” will do much better than “Ottawa toilet plumber.”

Make sure the content surrounding your few keyphrases is naturally relevant to the phrases and that it reads easily and doesn’t feel like the content is forced.

Natural Incorporation

Just like you don’t want strangely formulated content to force its way around those keyphrases, you also don’t want to strangely insert the keyphrases into cohesive content. Both elements must marry together seamlessly, without feeling forced. Try writing both together rather than building one around the other. Using simple terms will help it to sound authentic and natural, while still delivering clear and sound information.

Keyword Finders

There are many resources that will help you find what contracting or construction keywords and phrases you should be using to target your key demographic. To perfect the art of standing out, seeking out a web agency like Linkeo is your best bet. But failing that, a few simple strategies will start you on the right path.

Google has free keyword software where you can input a few related words (such as “roofing contractor,” “construction services,” etc.), and it will show you related and popular keyword searches—both what clients are typing in and what your competition is using. This can help you create a web of words that will catch your clients like a net.

You can also try simply searching for what construction keywords you believe your clients would search for in the Google search bar and see what comes up. Basically, roleplay as your customer. Do your keywords for your contracting website show up on the first page, or is there too much heavy competition with general phrases? You may find it might be better to target more specific searches.

Target Local

Most people are finding their products and services by searching for their city, suburb, or “near me” automated function. Make sure you show up. Don’t just say “best roofer,” say “best roofing fix near me,” or “urgent roofing help in Ottawa.” These are the things consumers will be typing into their devices to narrow their options. You want to be clear, claiming your identity around these search terms throughout your website content so that Google can’t help but notice that you have the most dominion and authority in these areas. This will make your site the most relevant result to display on Google.

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