I have 5 to 55 minutes to kill… What can I get done on my website?

J'ai 5 mn, ¼ d’heure, 1h à tuer… Je fais quoi sur mon site ?

Everybody knows a website is a time-consuming endeavour! You have to optimize your social media and SEO, update your content and analyze your stats. And in the meantime, you still need to run your company! If you’re like the rest of the world, your main obstacle is probably time. But don’t panic! Our handy checklists will help you get more organized.

1. Got 5 minutes? Here’s how you can make the most of it…

  • Take a look at your Google ranking by typing your keywords into a search engine. Scroll through the results until one of your web pages appears.
  • Check your emails, social media notifications, likes and tags. Don’t forget to reply to your followers!
  • Get active on your FB/Instagram and other social media pages! Post content, announce your website updates, like and favourite other people’s posts, retweet, accept new group members/connections/friends, chat with your followers and comment on their content. What’s so great about being active on social media?
  • You’ll discover what people are saying about you online, and who is saying it. (Google Alert and tools like Mention et Alerti can help you with this.)
  • You’ll spend some time on your site and thereby detect any potential bugs or speed issues.
  • You’ll stay current with your competitors and the latest info so you don’t miss any news that could apply to your company or business sector.
  • You’ll consult your website stats (via Google Analytics).
  • Now it’s time to take a break. You’ve earned it.

2. Got 15 minutes? Now’s the time to…

  • Update your website content. Add a new text here and a photo there. Change a headline or two. (Google’s freshness algorithms consider a website to be refreshed when you modify 5% of your content.)
  • Find influential websites and blogs in your sector.
  • Search for deadlinks that send users to the sad “Error 404” message.
  • Surf through your competitors’ websites. (If they are well ranked, this will prove to be very informative!)
  • Classify, sort and compress your website’s photos. By making them smaller, they will load more quickly.
  • Fix or delete inaccurate or obsolete information, like a promo that has been over for six months…
  • Write about topics that your community is likely to be interested in and republish your most popular content (with different titles and at varied times) on your social media pages.

3. Got an hour? That’s more than enough time to…

  • Write an article. When you write about what you know best – your industry – you boost your status as an expert, as well as your SEO.
  • Analyze your website statistics and try to replicate the strategies that worked.
  • Film a tutorial and post it on YouTube. You don’t need to be Stephen Spielberg to do this.
  • Brainstorm your keywords, You can test out their popularity on Google Keyword Planner.
  • Sign up for a specialized directory.Budget 30 minurtes per directory.
  • Create links between your pages and boost your internal linking.
  • Try to obtain quality backlinks. If one or several well-known sites direct to your website, your reputation will improve and you will generate even more traffic.

Handy Tip

You’ll save tons of times when you automate and schedule when you post your content. (With Buffer and Hootsuite, you can post on several social media platforms at once.)

Key Points to Remember:

  • No need to go crazy with content to improve your SEO. Quality is worth more than quantity.
  • Regular updates to your site will attract Google’s ranking robots. The search engines will refresh their results more often and you will appear higher on the list.
  • For maximum results, devote 15-30 minutes to your website per day, rather than two to three hours every weekend.

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