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“But I already have too much work!” Why busy contractors still need digital solutions.


“But I already have too much work,” says the sought-after roofer, interior designer, and concrete factory owner. Such is the plight of the skilled and seasoned contractor. Word gets out that they know their stuff and suddenly they’re working round the clock. Many will use this as an excuse not to invest in a website or online presence.

“What for? I don’t have time for more clients,” they say. But the truth is, digital solutions benefit all business owners, whether you’re just starting out or 30 years in. A solid digital strategy can help you optimize conversions, maximize profits, and scale your business in a sustainable way—and all with less effort and brain power. Read on for our lucrative online cures to overwork, designed especially for popular contractors.

Local SEO – Target Your Clients for Less Travel Time

Many of the busiest people in construction spend hours (and hours) of their lives on the road. They’re driving their trucks and their teams and their gear from their headquarters to their work site and then back for more supplies and then off to the next job… And if your client lives at the other end of the city, you’re dealing with traffic and perhaps a dose of road rage.

All this takes time and tons of fuel. Of course, most gigs will require some travel. But with local SEO, you can target prospects who live or work in nearby regions. Your keywords will be paired with cities and neighbourhoods that are easy for you to get to. When people Google your services, the search engine will rank the results according to their location, and yours. This narrows down your service zone so you can cut down on travel time. With the cost of gas these days, time on the road equals lots of money which you’ll save with the magic of local SEO. Plus, you’re doing a favour for our gasping planet while you’re at it.

Online Estimates—Quotes That Don’t Keep You Up All Night

When prospects are shopping around for services, they’ll be looking for quality at an excellent price. These days, customers are expecting a fast turnover when they request a free estimate for their project. To stay competitive, many contractors find themselves in a state of emergency as they scramble to put together an estimate before their potential customer commits to someone else. And often their work is for naught—perhaps the client wasn’t serious, they changed their minds, or your rates fell outside of their budget.

You never get that time back. But with an online estimate solution, you can save the hours you used to waste on quotes that never turned into contracts. Digital solutions like Quote by Linkeo create free, online estimates in just a few clicks. From the comfort of your website, your customers get an accurate sense of what their project will cost. Once their estimate comes in, if it looks promising, you can call them back to create a more in-depth quote. An online estimate solution saves you endless hours playing phone tag and sifting through emails, letting you focus on your business and take on even more clients.

Quote by Linkeo, our new lifesaver for busy contractors who claim they have too much work!

Pick and Choose Your Most Lucrative Projects

When you first started to run your business, you probably said yes to everything. And that’s a great way to make a name for yourself. But five-to-ten years in, it’s also a solid path to burnout. We often hear that people started their business because they were fed up with the nine-to-five. They wanted control of their time. They wanted to be free. But without the option to say no, how free are you really?

A surplus of work does not need to lead to overwhelm. Rather it’s an opportunity to be picky about who you say yes to.

Here’s a quote from one of our clients who prefers to remain nameless. He didn’t want anybody to feel bad. Saying no is so loaded these days! We get it, but here’s what he said: “Since Linkeo, I have way more clients than I used to. I can’t say yes to everybody. But this way, I can choose from the best and more profitable jobs.”

And why not luxuriate in the extra time and money that comes with online visibility and the ability to target the clients and projects you want?

How to Fight the Labour Shortage in Three Easy Steps

When you have tons of work, obviously, the labour shortage presents a concern. You can’t take on new jobs if you don’t have the staff to back you up. But online solutions can even help with that. Here’s what we propose to contractors who have become victims of their own success:

  1. Set up a temporary “We’re Hiring” landing page—SEO experts can work their magic so that your call for excellent workers draws in the people you are looking for.
  2. Share your job postings on social media—With your bustling social media presence and targeted ad campaigns, your posts will get more visibility so that job hunters can find you when you need them.
  3. Focus on retention and the quality of your employee experience—If you’re at the top of your field, the word will spread that you’re doing cool stuff. Build up your e-reputation and the best workers out there will see what a dreamy boss you are and apply to work for you. And the employees you already do have will feel grateful to be part of your team.

Hurray for solving the labour shortage in three easy steps!


Work Smarter not Harder, by Linkeo

At the end of your life, there’s no prize for the inefficient hustle, or slogging through tedious, underpaid contracts. But doing what you love doesn’t have to be a sad and disappointing sacrifice. There’s a whole world of online digital solutions that can help make your dream job more seamless and sustainable. And at Linkeo, that’s what we’re here for. As the go-to web agency for artisans and construction companies, we’ve already helped thousands of contractors reap the benefits of a targeted digital strategy. Get in touch and let us do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your business.

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