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Farmers Lead the Way in Digital Technology


The world of agriculture is one of the most connected industries.

75% of farmers use the Internet at least once a day for their business (weather apps, operating data, news).

With milking robot systems, seeders, fertilizer, and weather updates, farmers are constantly plugged into a wide range of automated tools. And as they drive their planters and machinery, they’re sure to have their smartphones and tablets in tow. Technology has helped the agricultural business modernize and optimize their tasks.  

But going digital is not just for crops and hay bails. More and more farmers are choosing to build a website for their business. They’re selling their products online and posting their latest news on social media, mainly Instagram and Facebook.

Popular TV shows—think Letterkenny, Heartland, The Ranch—have brought farming into the limelight and the once forgotten industry is enjoying increased consumer appreciation. With COVID-19, more and more people are flocking to the country, and rural regions hold more appeal than ever.

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Click and Collect—The Secret Ingredient in the Short Sales Cycle

Consumers have changed their habits and Click and Collect has made its way into our new normal. Fast, simple, and convenient, it’s perfect for short sales cycleslocal businesses, and product traceability.

By taking away the intermediaries, farmers can expand their profit margins.  Click and Collect lets them make additional sales and promote their products on the web.

It also caters to an increasingly demanding clientele who have become extra vigilant about their purchasing decisions.

If they’re anything like Deliver by Linkeo, most Click and Collect solutions can be set up in just a few days. All you need is a website or even just a Facebook or Google My Business Page.

Available 24/7, Deliver is jam-packed with exciting features—online payments, text and email reminders, order tracking, and more.

💡 Did You Know

💻 Over the past 20 years, Linkeo has helped farmers and small business owners make their digital leap. 

Discover our  Essential, Expert, and Premium Packs, specially designed for SMBs and adaptable to every budget.

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