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Boost Your Sales with Customer Reviews!

l'importance des avis client

Customer reviews provide an effective tool for analyzing the purchase experience on your website. On websites, prospects tend to consult reviews before they make their choice. While positive reviews offer an essential sales pitch, you should know that 85% of potential customers veer away as soon as they read a negative review.

“Customer feedback” often deals with the quality of products and services.  For an Internet user who’s looking for a product or service provider, it is always useful for them to have the option to compare options and weigh the pros and cons.  To do so, they can consult client reviews.  It is therefore not surprising that large companies integrate these “reviews” into their marketing strategy. Take Amazon.  For this big brand, it’s not easy or possible to present all their available products on their online store. There are simply too many.  This giant corporation therefore decided to use customer reviews to sort products based on their ratings.  And they take this selection of “best loved products” and showcase them on their e-commerce site.  If you find yourself among the many retailers who haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, the rest of this article is for you.

How can I make the most of my customers’ ratings and reviews?

Customer reviews

It’s possible to make more sales by infusing your store with customer comments.  And it’s a good idea, since before they go to a store, many customers tend to compare products on the Internet.  This will help them to make the rounds throughout several stores in just a few clicks.  And customer reviews will influence their purchase decisions.  According to a study recently conducted by Podium, 93% of interviewed subjects consult and let themselves be swayed by online reviews.  Gone are the days of one-way push marketing! Using customer reviews throughout your e-commerce store is one of the best strategies marketing has to offer.

Take Amazon where products are classified according reviews from online shoppers. Each article is then presented with a digital rating tag based on its average score. The classification system (minimum 4 stars for featured products) depends on customer reviews. Future customers will feel more reassured when they see that.  In their online store, Amazon presents customer reviews and item popularity, an effective strategy for convincing tentative prospects.

Proximity and Convenience: Key Features in Customer Relations

An e-commerce site can offer you increased visibility. This is a fact.  But this sort of site is very transactional. The customer chooses the product, makes the purchase and then waits for delivery.  To maintain a close relationship with your customers, many retailers are looking to implement a marketing strategy that combines the convenience of online shopping with the in-store shopping experience.

In France, more and more businesses have jumped on board the fashion goods and accessory rental industry, following brands like Rent the Runway, an American company that specializes in the rental of designer dresses and accessories.  Items are easy to consult on the Internet, but that’s not the only option. To give customers the possibility of experiencing and buying an item of clothing before they buy it, Rent the Runway created physical showrooms.  And guess what? In these showrooms, you’ll find top-rated items, ranked according to customer reviews.

There’s another technique for using the advantages of ratings to optimize sales in physical stores.  The Italian store Marco Polo gave it a try.  Using an app, the company gathers reviews and product information by scanning QR codes in their entire store.  Customers use their smartphones to look for products in store. It’s amazingly practical! The use of customer reviews for boosting sales has spread all over the world. Tesco, the international distribution group, chose a simple but effective technique. They display their reviews next to their products.

Now you’re an expert! You know that customer reviews have a lot to offer. But concretely, what will you do to get started?

Rule #1: Be creative.

Do a thorough job studying how you can showcase customer reviews in your physical store.

Rule #2: Build customer loyalty

More customers means more positive reviews.

Rule #3: Encourage your customers to leave their reviews.

These depend on more than the quality of your products. You need to present them in a relevant way and think about your content on your e-commerce site.

Rule #4: Be organized.

If you have both an e-commerce site and physical store, customer reviews will help you select which products to present in your store.

Rule #5: Share customer reviews.

Your potential clients need to be able to easily consult your reviews, whether they’re positive or negative.When it comes to your approach, your choice will depend on the type of customer you are trying to target. Are you looking to attract youthful couch potatoes or golden aged athletes? Make sure you do a solid job sorting which comments you’ll present in your physical store, never losing site of your primary goal: To offer your customers information that helps them make the best decision! You need informative, catchy and convincing comments!

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