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5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Site

5 questions que vous devez vous poser avant de créer votre site

You are a plumber, ostheopath or restaurateur and you want to have a website? But here you don't know how to do it… Thankfully, answering these questions will help you to see more clearly…

By Xavier Beaunieux

1. A site… What for?

Having a website is not an end in itself but a way to achieve your goals. Need a portfolio to present your business? Opt for a "window" site. Want to sell products? Go to an e-commerce site.

2. Who will my site be for?

The content and design of your site will need to be tailored to your customers and prospects. Draw up their sketch: who are they, what will they look for on your site, etc.

3. How much is this going to cost me?

It is difficult to give a price range because several factors are involved: complexity of the site (offer "turnkey" or "tailor-made"), hosting costs, rates of the provider (agency, freelance) who will design it, etc. For a showcase site, count between 350 and 6,500 euros. And from 1,750 to 50,000 euros for an e-commerce site. Do you like a site? Contact its designer and ask for a quote.

Good to know

From an accounting point of view, the costs of creating a website can be expensed (and immediately deducted) or locked in.

4. Do I do everything myself or go through a pro?

Creating and then managing a site takes time and a minimum of skills. Some software can manage on its own, but for more efficiency, it is usually better to go through a professional. The administration of the site may, for example, be outsourced.

5. What will my site look like?

The look of your site should not be overlooked. It's your company's business card. Do you lack inspiration? Make a list of sites that you appreciate in ergonomics and design.

Key points to remember

  • Writing a specification will help you finalize your digital project.
  • Represent the money you will spend on your site as an investment.

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