3 questions for Thibault Duvivier, web SEO expert

3 questions à Thibault Duvivier, expert en référencement web

Are you looking for methods to make your website gain extra visibility? Who better to talk to about the importance of natural SEO than our SEO specialist himself? Meet Thibault Duvivier, web SEO/SEA expert here at Linkeo.

1. In what way has natural SEO become an essential for today’s professionals?

These days, everyone is doing their research on the Internet. People are constantly consulting the web, whether they’re checking the movie schedule, booking a vacation or looking for an artisan. For this reason, it’s crucial that professionals from all sectors adapt to the new rules of digital marketing. Having your own website makes up an important part of this process.  But if you have poor SEO, your site will be much less useful.  To exist on the web, visibility is paramount.  Internet users will rarely look beyond the first page of Google’s search results.  Being well indexed therefore gives you the chance to be seen by your prospects and customers.  You should also view SEO as a complement to the “classic” advertising campaigns (flyers, posters, radio spots) that many companies use.

2. If they try to meet Google’s criteria (keywords, relevant content, etc.), can professionals hope to get their site up among search engines’ first results?

Artisans will not necessarily have the time or skills required to effectively index their websites. For example, they could try to improve their Google position through netlinking, which entails increasing the number of quality links directing users to your website. But the process is very time-consuming. Even if an artisan opts to launch a Google Ads campaign, it will be difficult for them to optimize the impact. But when you outsource your SEO to an agency who specializes in the field, you’ll find you gain in both efficiency and healthier stress levels.

3. What advice can you give to an artisan who’s looking to improve their natural SEO?

My advice would be the following:

  • Be patient. Natural SEO is a long-term process. The first results can take between 3 and 6 months to take shape, It’s not the same as paid referencing where results are instant.
  • Write for your Internet users and not just for search engines.  If you use too many keywords with the sole aim of ranking high in the search results, Google may penalize you. These days, the more your content is clever and rich in useful information for your Internet users, the better its SEO will be.
  • Combine your natural SEO with paid SEM.  These two tools are more complementary than we tend to believe. It pays to occasionally bring them together to maximize the potential of an effective referencing strategy.  Different seasons call for different tactics. Though artisans will always want to work on their natural SEO, a chocolate maker will benefit from purchasing timely keywords like “Christmas chocolate” or “Easter chocolate” during Christmas and Easter holidays.

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